The Story

Meet Emilie

I have always been a person who embraces a laid back urban/street style with the influence of different creative outlets. I started as a competitive dancer always being around people with different vibes and style. Growing up acting and singing has been a huge part of the energy I proceed to create in myself. My time spent in NYC opened my eyes to all the possibilities that are out there for someone who craves excessive vibes and pure energy. Throughout professional jobs, little steps to success and overcoming fears has allowed me to express myself as an individual. Moving to Toronto motivated me as a creator to start my own brand and continue to be a positive influence. 

About the brand

My brand is a representation of the energy I create not only for myself but people around me. Wearing my brand can let others know what you are bringing into the world. Excessive vibes, Pure Energy. Love and passion is an aspect I have always held whenever I try to create. The Rose. Not only represents my middle name but how I intend to grow as a performer and as a person.